Volume 12

Part 1 Fall 2010 Articles Can Compassionate Practice Also be Good Legal Practice?: Answers from the Buddhist Lawyers Deborah J. Cantrell The Bible as a Law Book? Thomas Anquinas on the Juridical Uses of Scripture William S. Brewbaker III Nuermberg Project Comments On: “Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler: With Predictions of His Future… continue reading

Volume 11

Part 1 Fall 2009 Articles Morality and the Rule of Law in American Jurisprudence James Lashe Church and State: The Origins and Implications of Separate Jurisdictional Spheres Karen Jordan Religious Exemptions Debate Douglas Laycock Notes Empty Threats and Saber Rattling: Why the International Religious Freedom Acr Provides a Better Solution to Combating Terrorism and Promoting… continue reading

Volume 10

Part 1 Fall 2008 Articles May The President Appropriately Invoke God? Evaluating the Embryonic Stem Cell Votes Samuel W. Calhoun Unraveling the Establishment Clause: Legal and Other Practical Concern for the Church “Business” Elizabeth Gingrech The No Child Left Behind Act: Do We Really Want it to Leave All Religion Behind? Theresa Lelinski The Impact… continue reading

Volume 9

Part 1 Fall 2008 Articles Flag Desecration, Religion and Patriotism Muriel Morisey So Help Me God: Reflections on Language, Thought, and the Rules of Evidence Remembered Laurie C. Kadoch Speaking of Evolution: The Historical Context of Kitzmiller V. Dover Area School District Joan DelFattore Notes Religious Home-Schools: That’s Not a Monkey on Your Back, It’s… continue reading

Volume 8

Part 1 Fall 2006 Articles You Dropped a Bomb on me, Denmark – A Legal Examination of the Cartoon Controversy and Response as it Related to the Prophet Muhammed and Islamic Law Rachel Saloom Notes Kitzmiller V. Dover Area School District: The First Judicial Test for Intelligent Design Philip A. Italiano Military Chaplains: Federally Funded… continue reading

Volume 7

Part 1 Fall 2005 Articles Roe V. Wade: A Scandal Upon The Court Philip A. Rafferty From Pipette to Cradle, From Immortality to Extinction Cyrebe Grothaus-Day Canaanites, Catholics, and the Constitution: Developing Church Doctrine, Secular Law and Women Priests Terrance R. Kelly The Religious Liberty Argument for Same-Sex Marriage and its Effect Upon Legal Recognition… continue reading

Volume 6

Articles An Essay on the Market as God: Law, Spirituality, and the Eco-Crisis Daniel M. Warner When the Constitution Fails on Church and State: Two Case Studies Werner Cohn Eight Simple Rules For Stating My Dogma Michael A. Mogill The Seven Hoahide Laws: Of Monkey Brains and Courts Irene Merker Rosenberg Congressional Intent V. Judicial… continue reading

Volume 5

Articles American Family Association V. City and County of San Francisco: Constitutional Government Responses to the Harms of Religious Speech Advancing Anti-Homosexual Messages Marie Saraceni The Blue Nile, Sudan: When Will the International Community Hear Their Cries? Rachel Tripp From the Trial of Adam and Eve to the Judgements of Solomon and Daniel Daniel Friedmann… continue reading

Volume 4

Articles Symposuim: The Death Penalty, Religion, & The Law: Is Our Legal Systems Implementation of Capital Punishment Consistent With Judaism or Christianity?  Ronald J. Tabak The Interrogation of Karl Hermann Frank & The Kristallnacht Documents Roger S. Clark Into the Breyer Patch: Relgious Division and the Establishment Clause Daniel Gordon War Crimes and Legal ImmunitiesL The… continue reading

Volume 3

Articles Reply To Judge Richard A. Posner on The Inseparability of Law and Morality Ellis Washington Nazi’s Persecution of Religion as a War Crime: The OSS’s Response Wthin the Nuremburg Trials Process Claire Hulme and Dr. Michael Salter The Influence of The Common Law on The Decline of the Ecclesiastical Courts on The Church of… continue reading