Volume 12

Part 1

Fall 2010


Can Compassionate Practice Also be Good Legal Practice?: Answers from the Buddhist Lawyers

Deborah J. Cantrell

The Bible as a Law Book? Thomas Anquinas on the Juridical Uses of Scripture

William S. Brewbaker III

Nuermberg Project

Comments On: “Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler: With Predictions of His Future Behavior and Suggestions for Dealing With Him Now and After Germany’s Surrender” Written by Henry A. Murray, MD., and on an Additional Chapter “Hitler the Man-Notes for A Case History” Written by W.H.D. Vernon (Dr. Murray’s Student)

Dr. Leonard L. Heston, M.D.

New Developments

Religious Discrimination or Legitimate Uniform Policy? A Critique and Analysis of the Third Circuit’s Decision to Uphold a Private Prison’s Ban on Employees Wearing Khimars: EEOC V. The Geo Group, Inc

Richard J. Ramones

People V. US V. Obama: An Analysis of Religious Challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Jessica Donoghue

Part 2

Spring 2011


The Economics of Section 170: A Case for the Charitable Deduction of Parochial School Tuition

Mei Katz

The Coming Demise of the Crucifix

Steven Goldberg

Immigration Law vs. Religious Freedom: Using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to Challenge Restricitve Immigration Laws and Practices

Scott D. Pollock


Accommodating Diversity: Teaching About Religion in Public Schools

Lauren Cooley