Volume 11

Part 1

Fall 2009


Morality and the Rule of Law in American Jurisprudence

James Lashe

Church and State: The Origins and Implications of Separate Jurisdictional Spheres

Karen Jordan

Religious Exemptions Debate

Douglas Laycock


Empty Threats and Saber Rattling: Why the International Religious Freedom Acr Provides a Better Solution to Combating Terrorism and Promoting Stability in Pakistan

Christopher Markos

The Road to Liability is Paved with Humanitarians Intentions: Criminal Liability for Housing Undocumented People Under 8 U.S.C. § 1324(A)(1)(A)(III) Emily Breslin

New Developments

Freedom of Expression in the Modern Age: An Obscure Blasphemy Statute and its Effect on Business Naming

Carly Karlberg

The Ocean Grove Boardwalk Pavilion: A Public Accommodation? New Jersey Finds a Lesbian Couple’s Complaint of Discrimination by a Religious Organization is Supported by Probable Cause: Bernstein V. Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (December 29,2008).

David M. Estes

Part 2

Spring 2010


The Secular Tradition in Sikhism

Satvinder Singh Juss

Hard Law and Soft Power: Counter-Terrorism, the Power of Sacred Places, and the Establishment of an Anglican Islam

Peter W. Edge

An Inquiry Into the Possibility of an Ethical Politics

Louis E. Wolcher


“Lay a Hand on me Brother”: Why Definitional Balancing and Consent Doctrine Should Apply to the Religious False Imprisonment and Assault Claims in Pleasant Glade Assembly of God V. Schubert

Shari-Ann Harris

Has France Taken Assimilation too Far? Muslim Beliefs, French National Values, and the June 27, 2008 Conseil D’Etat Decision on MME. M

Sara Bienkowski

The Soul and its Impact on Life and Death Choices: A Constitutional Study of Abortion, The Right to Die, and Other Bioethical Dilemmas

Adam Fulginiti

Nuremberg Project

An Evaluation of  “The Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler” Written by Dr. Henry A. Murray in 1943

Dr. Theo Dorpat

New Developments

Philadelphia’s Life Partnership Ordinance: Boardening the Same-Sex Marriage Debate and Implications for Federalism

Carly Karlberg

Justice Sotomayor and Establishment Clause Jurisprudence: Which Antiestablishment Standard will Justice Sotomayor Endorse?

Daviv M. Estes

Do New Jersey Prisoners Have the Right to Preach? An in-depth Examination of Howard Thompson Hr.’s Victory Against a Blanket ban on Preaching Established by Prison Officials

Nabila Saeed