Volume 3


Reply To Judge Richard A. Posner on The Inseparability of Law and Morality

Ellis Washington

Nazi’s Persecution of Religion as a War Crime: The OSS’s Response Wthin the Nuremburg Trials Process

Claire Hulme and Dr. Michael Salter

The Influence of The Common Law on The Decline of the Ecclesiastical Courts on The Church of England

Noel Cox

Excommunication and Shunning: The Effect on Korean Churches in America as a Social Networking Structure

Daniel Bahk

Female Circumcision: Religious Practice V. Human Rights Violation

Jessica A. Platt

Causes, Consequences, and the International Impace of the War in the Former Yugoslavia

Amanda Caldwell

The “Care Perspective,” American Lefal Counselors, and Reformed Christian Philosophy

Paul J. Zwier

PIUS XII and the Jews: The War Years as Reported by the New York Time

Msrg. Stephen M. DiGiovanni H.E.D.

The Necessity Defense Revisted: An Examination Through the Case of Regina V. Dudley & Stephens and President Bushs Order to Shoot Down Hijacked Aircraft in the Wake of September 11, 2001

Paul Schultz

Bridging the Gap Between Law and Psychology: The Deific Decree Jeanine Girgenti

Nuremberg Project

June 11, 1945 – Interrogation by Dr. Ernest Hochwald of Karl Hermann Frank: The Economic Elimination and the Expulsion of the Jews in the Sudet Territory and in the Protectorate


November 9, 1938 to February 2, 1939 – The Kristallnacht Documents

The Interrogation of Karl Hermann Frank & Kristallnacht Documents Roger S. Clark