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Article I


The name of this association shall be the Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion (RJLR) Alumni Association, herein referred to in the Bylaws as the “Association.”

Article II


The Purpose of the Association shall be to promote the welfare of the Journal by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the Journal and its growing number of Alumni.

Article III


Section A — Eligibility.

  1. Regular Members – Any individual who was a member of the Rutgers Journal of law and Religion automatically becomes a member and remains a member of the Association. A regular member agrees to comply with the rules of the Association. Regular members may vote and hold the position of the Chairman of the Association or may sit on the Board of Directors if one is created.
  2. Honorary Members – The Association may nominate individuals to be conferred with Honorary Membership. Honorary Members shall be individuals who have significantly contributed to the advancement of the Association. Honorary Members are not allowed to vote or hold office.

Section B — Member Benefits.

All members of the Association will receive invitations to Journal and Association symposiums, reunions, and all other events throughout the year, opportunities to serve and participate in events, be eligible to become a member of the Association’s Linked-In page, Facebook page, or any other social media page the Association may choose to develop in the future, and will receive all alumni publications, member-directed mailings and e-mail communications.

Article IV


All members of the Association are encouraged to contribute to the growth of the Association but are not required by these Bylaws to pay Association dues. Member contribution includes monetary donations as well as member contribution of time and energy to networking events, fundraising and other Association related events or projects.

Article V

Chairmanship and Board of Directors

Section A — Governing Body. The governing body of this Association shall be vested in a Chairman of the Association.

Section B – The Lead Alumni Relations Editor and his/her Associate Editors shall assist the Chairman of the Alumni Association by providing time and energy to accomplishing the purpose of this Association.

Section C – Board of Directors. The Association may create an Association Board of Directors by amending these Bylaws in accordance to Article VII.

Article VI


Section A – Annual Meeting

At least one (1) meeting of the Association will be held during each operating year and will be held at the discretion of the Chairman of the Association. Reasonable notice must be given to all Association members.

Section B – Special Meetings

The Chairman of the Association or the Lead Alumni Relations Editor may call special meetings of the Association.

Article VII

Bylaws and Amendments to Bylaws

Section A – The Authority

The Association has the authority and responsibility to create and maintain bylaws governing the business, administration, and responsibilities of the Association in accordance with its purpose as stated in Article II of the Bylaws.

Section B – Amendments

The bylaws shall be reviewed, as needed, by the Chairman of the Association or the Board of Directors if one shall be created. Suggestions for changes or amendments, with supporting arguments, should be addressed to the Chairman of the Association. Proposed Bylaw changes shall be published to the members on the Association’s webpage. Bylaws may only be amended by a 2/3 vote of active Association members and regular members who vote on such Amendments.