Volume 5


American Family Association V. City and County of San Francisco: Constitutional Government Responses to the Harms of Religious Speech Advancing Anti-Homosexual Messages

Marie Saraceni

The Blue Nile, Sudan: When Will the International Community Hear Their Cries?

Rachel Tripp

From the Trial of Adam and Eve to the Judgements of Solomon and Daniel

Daniel Friedmann

Judging Witness Credibility: A Talmudic Perspective

Morris D. Bernsrein

The New Jersey Supreme Court Allows Constitutionally Forbidden Entanglement of the State in a Church/Minister Employment Relationship in Contradiction to the Ministerial Exception, Mckelvey V. Pierce, 800 A.2D 840 (NJ 2002)

Leslie K. Harrach

Residential Religious Nuisance, RLUIPA and Sic Utere Tuo Ut Alienum Non Laedas: “Like a Pig in the Parlor.”

Matthew T. Sutter

Nuremburg Project

The Plunder of Art as a War Crime: The Art Looting Investigation Unit Reports and the Hermann Goering Art Collection

Nancy H. Yeide

Plunder of Art Treasures