Volume 22

Part 1 2022 Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion: Thirteenth Annual Donald C. Clark Jr. Symposium Zoom Conference Call Christian M. Velez-Vargas & Angela C. Carmella Pandemic, Protest, and Commemoration: Sacred Civic Expression in Times of National Grief Angela C. Carmella Transformative Silence and Protest Deborah J. Cantrell Funding Religion or Religious Inclusion: An Analysis… continue reading

Volume 21

Part I 2021 Note Religious Discrimination: An Employee’s Burden of Proof Under Title VII Lauren Bateman Pews, Sidelines, and Locker Rooms: Moment of Silence Police is the “Hail Mary” to Achieve Constitutionality of Prayer in Public-School Athletic Contests Rachel Amber Frost, Esquire Not for the Care of All Souls: Why Tennessee’s Outlaw of Solemnizations Performed by Online-Ordained… continue reading

Volume 20

Part 1 Fall 2018 Nuremburg Project The Hunt For Witches and Jews: Hatred Infused Within The Law LaSheyna T. Alexander New Developments Religious Liberty Or Religious Privilege?: Reconciling the Religious Liberty Task Force With the First Amendment Steven Chintaman Note Religious Liberty Or Religious Privilege?: Reconciling the Religious Liberty Task Force With the First Amendment… continue reading

Volume 19

Part 1 Fall 2017 Articles Religious Arbitration in Primary and Secondary Private Schools: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Model Raquel Muniz Evolution, Intelligent Design and the Establishment Clause Roger L. Tarbutton Notes Does Serving Your Military Mean You Can’t Serve Your God? Comparing an Interest in Obedience from Service Members to their Religious Freedom Margaret E. McHugh… continue reading

Volume 18

Part 1 Fall 2016 Articles “In God We Trust”: The Lack of Atheist Representation on the Bench Elizabeth C. Kingston Catholic Social Thought, Social Security Disability, and Inclusion of the Disabled in the American Economy Ken Matheny Notes Missing the Mark: Challenging the Court’s Refusal to Recognize the “Mark of the Beast” as a Valid… continue reading

Volume 17

Part 1 Fall 2015 Articles Over There, Over There: The Extraterritorial Application of Domestic Establishment Clause Jurisprudence in Former Warzones Jessica Gallinaro A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth: Artistic Freedom, Cultural Heritage and Islamic Extremism Eleni PolymenopoulouNotes Saved By the Bells: A Look At Campanological Rights of U.S. Churches  Brett J. Haroldson Copyrighting God:… continue reading

Volume 16

Part 1 Fall 2014 Articles Shaping Their Better Character: Religion in African American Politics in the Age of Obama Philip C. Aka Regulating Theft – Lessons From Biblical Law Moshe Bar Niv (Burnovski) Notes Do People Have Ownership Over Their Body Parts and if so, Can the State Control Their Ultimate Disposition in the Interest… continue reading

Volume 15

Part 1 Fall 2013 Articles Students’ Religions Liberty: Religious Attire and Symbols in American Public Schools Farida Ali Religious Claims V. Non-Discriminiation Rights: Another Plea for Difficulty Megan Pearson For the Kids: How Congress Stripped Porn Producers of Their Fourth Amendment Rights Hillary N. Ladov Notes Forgotton Voters: The Constitutionality of Indiana’s Votor ID Law… continue reading

Volume 14

Part 1 Fall 2012 Articles The Endorsement Test Equal Status Ross Astoria Pope Pius XI’s Extraordinary-But Underserved-Praise of the American Supreme Court David Upham, Ph.D., J.D. A Catholicpac: Why the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Should (Probably) Lose its 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Jesse Ryan Loffler Notes Religion and the PPACA: An analysis of Non-Secular… continue reading

Volume 13

Part 1 Fall 2011 Articles Render Less Unto Caesar? Denying Communion to Catholic Judges Dermot Lynch A Higher Law: Abraham Lincoln’s Use of Biblical Imagery Wilson Huhm Notes A Life fo an Afterlife: Assessing the Potential Redemption of Capital Inmates’ Requests to Posthumously Donate Organs Under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act Jessica… continue reading