Volume 22

Part 1





Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion: Thirteenth Annual Donald C. Clark Jr. Symposium Zoom Conference Call

Christian M. Velez-Vargas & Angela C. Carmella

Pandemic, Protest, and Commemoration: Sacred Civic Expression in Times of National Grief


Angela C. Carmella

Transformative Silence and Protest


Deborah J. Cantrell

Funding Religion or Religious Inclusion: An Analysis of the Rescinded Religious Restrictions in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program


Tisha Silva

Dress Code and Religious Accommodations Through the Lense of EEOC v. Kroger




Cash or Credit: The United States Should Remove Nazi Memorabilia From Circulation

William “Bill” Olson

Die Another Day: The Ineffectiveness of Medical Aid in Dying Legislation

   Elise Bavazzano

Part II






Exploring the Bedrock for Earth Jurisprudence





Maria Antonia Tigre


Original Sin: The Use and Abuse of History in Espinoza and Beyond



Isabelle M. Canaan

The Stoic Ethos of Law & Equity: Good Faith, Legal Benefaction, and Judicial Temperament



Robert Walker

“Blessing in Disguise”: A Hopeful Ending to Uncertainty for Religious Institutions Rights Under Covid-19 Acts



Nicholas Rollo

Word is Bond: A History of 21st Century Claims of German Bonds Issued During the Weimar Republic



Atilla Azami


The Future of Roe v. Wade with a Conservative Super Majority Court

Jaclyn Alston