Volume 2


Scientology or Censorship: You Decide: An Examination of the Church of Scientology, Its Recent Battles with Individual Internet Users and Service Providers, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the Implications for Free Speech on the Web.

Theresa Lyons

Old World Religious Persecution in a New Wolrd Setting: How International Relationships Can Affect China's Treatment Toward its Religious People

Sonia Kim

The Teaching of Confucius: A Basis and Justification for Alternative Non-Military Civilian Service.

Carolyn R. Wah

Atheism and the Religious Liberty: Were Church and State Meant to be Seperate?

Edward P. Abbot

Christopher N. Elliott

Employers Beware: The Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2000 Gregory M. Baxter

Nuremberg Project

July 17, 1945 - "OSS Miscellaneous Memoranda On War Criminals"

Pius and the Jews: The War Years - As Reported by the New York Times Msgr. Stephen M. DiGiovanni H.E.D.