Volume 19

 Part I

Fall 2017


Religious Arbitration in Primary and Secondary Private Schools: A Cost-Benefit Analysis Model
Raquel Muniz
Evolution, Intelligent Design and the Establishment Clause
Roger L. Tarbutton


Does Serving Your Military Mean You Can’t Serve Your God? Comparing an Interest in Obedience from
Service Members to their Religious Freedom

Margaret E. McHugh

Personalizing Pollution and Landscape Destruction: How Native American and International Perspectives
Should be Integrated into Federal Environmental Policy

Erin Yerke

New Developments

The First Church of Cannabis and its Questionable Claim for Religious Freedom
Lauren Hill

Nuremburg Project

Animal Law in Nazi Germany: Protection for the Animals or Just Another Advancement of Social Agenda? 
Kevin Gibbs

 Part II

Spring 2018


Ambiguous Advocacy: Forced Begging in Senegal and the Limits of Human Rights Law
 Jacob A. Reed 
Five Thoughts about the Repeal of Denmark’s Blasphemy Ban
Rob Kahn


Absurdity, Sincerity, Truth, and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: Title VII Religious Protections and Perceived Satire

Daniel Dowdy 

Do Borders Make a Difference Behind Bars? The Scope of Prisoner’s Free Exercise of Religion Protection in Canada and the United States 

Sandra Reed

New Developments

Religious Exemptions for Religious Daycares: A Long-Standing Disparity in Care
Ashley Maddison

Nuremburg Project

How Would Rape in Nazi Germany be Prosecuted Today: A Look Into the Rape Laws of New Jersey and Germany

Brittany Buccieri

Walking a Tightrope: The Fine Line Between Personal Autonomy and Euthansia and the Eugenic Effects of Both 

Cody Valdez


 Part III

Summer 2018


Thou Art Fired: A Conduct View Of Title VII’s Religious Employer Exemption
 John T. Melcon 


Making Sense of Taxpayer Cents: A look at Lakewood, New Jersey’s Unique School    

Jeffrey Olsen 

A Cake By Any Other Name: An Analysis of Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Delicate Balance Between Sexual Autonomy and Religious Freedom  

  Eric Bihlear 

New Developments

Reverse Hobby Lobby: The Satanic Temple’s Fight Against Indoctrination Abortion Laws 
  Kaili Matthews 

Nuremburg Project

A Modern Day Holocaust: The Genocide of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar  

Ariella Levine