Volume 14

Part 1 Fall 2012


The Endorsement Test Equal Status

Ross Astoria

Pope Pius XI's Extraordinary-But Underserved-Praise of the American Supreme Court

David Upham, Ph.D., J.D.

A Catholicpac: Why the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Should (Probably) Lose its 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Jesse Ryan Loffler


Religion and the PPACA: An analysis of Non-Secular Line Drawing within the Health Insurance Mandate

Jeffery R. Mullen

Shaimos Burials: Why Religion Should Yield to the State's Compelling Interest in Environmental Regulation and the Protection of Human Health Allison N. Zsamba

New Developments

Corporate Personhood and the First Amendment: A Business Perspective on an Eroding Free Exercise Clause

Kyle J. Weber

Human Trafficking and the Church of Scientology: Why the Legislature Should Clarify and Expand the TVPA and the Impact it Would Have on the Church John S. Yi

Nuremberg Project

Social Review Essay Never Again ... What? Law, History, and the Uses of the Holocaust Michael A. Livingston

Nuremberg Project: Student Note

Jackson, Donovan, and Targeted Killings: A Limited Defense Trevor H. Taniguchi
Part 2 Spring 2013


Sects, Cults, and the Attack on Jurisprudence

Stephen A. Kent & Robin D. Willey

Tinkering with the Legal Status Quo on Physician Assisted Suicide: A Minimalist Approach

Kenneth Klothen

The Rentier State and the Survival of Arab Absolute Monarchies

Charlotte M. Levins

So What if Jesus Loves Nukes?: The Constitutionality of Just War Theory Taught to the Air Force Missile Launch Officers Jacqueline Zoller

Symposium 2013 Religious Practice: Counseling and Representing Faith-Based Organizations


Matan Shmuel

Testimony: The Sharing of a Candidate's Faith Journey is not Impermissible Campaign Activity

Donald C. Clark, Jr.

The Intersection of Law and Religion: Avoiding Collisions

Jeffrey Hunter Moon

Religious Liberty Advocacy: The Essential Role of Religious Organizations in the Courts K. Hollyn Hollman

New Developments

Boko Haram: A Texbook Case for Designation as a Terrorist Organization and its Terroristic Threat to International Religious Freedom

April Nees

Rhode Island's Attempt to Legislate Around the Establishment Clause Maureen Ingersoll


Nazi Looted Art and Cocaine: When Museum Directors Take it, Call the Cops

Raymond J. Dowd

The Shadow Spreads: Impact of S.B. 1070 and Trends in Modern Immigration Law Melissa Hogan

National Religious Moot Court Brief

Sebelius V. Westminister Social Services: Brief for Respondent Greg Skidmore & Bethany Rupert