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Opening Remarks From Our Editor-In-Chief

The Executed God: The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America (An Inaugural Address at the Princeton Theological Seminary December 8,1999)

Introduction: Conference on the First Amendment and Government Support For Religion and Religious Institutions

Debate 1: The Role of Religious Institutions in Providing Social Services and Education in Neglected Communities; Reports From the Field

Debate 2: Should The Government Provide Financial Support For Religious Institutions That Offer Faith-Based Soical Services?

Debate 3: Do School Vouchers Violate the Establishment Clause? Are They Good Public Poilicy?

Debtate 4: Have Recent Court Holdings Enhanced or Eroded Religous Freedom for all Americans?


Theresa Lyons

Mark Taylor


featuring Charles W. Mooney, Jr., David B. Puldlin, Howard P. Berkowitz

featuring Richard D. Glovsky, Rabbi David Sapersein, The Honirable Rev. Floyd H. Flake, D. Min., Mark V. Scott

featuring The Honorable Louis H. Pollack, Glen A. Tobias, Erwin Chemerinsky, Barry W. Lynn, Douglas Laycock, Nathan J. Diament

featuring Thr Honorable Arlin M. Adams, Elizabeth Coleman, Stephen D. Sugarman, Elliot Mincberg, Ruti G. Teitel, Kevin J. Hasson

featuring Colin S. Diver, Ira C. Lupu, Melissa Rogers, Jesse H. Choper, Steven R. Shapiro

Nuremburg Project

July 17, 194July 6, 1945 – “The Nazi Master Plan: The Persecution of the Christian Churches”

The Nazi’s Persecution of Religion as a War Crime: The OSS’s Response Within the Nuremburg Trials Process

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Part II
Part III
Part IV

Claire Hulme and Dr. Michael Salter