Volume 22

Part 1


Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion: Thirteenth Annual Donald C. Clark Jr. Symposium Zoom Conference Call

Christian M. Velez-Vargas & Angela C. Carmella

Pandemic, Protest, and Commemoration: Sacred Civic Expression in Times of National Grief

Angela C. Carmella

Transformative Silence and Protest

Deborah J. Cantrell

Funding Religion or Religious Inclusion: An Analysis of the Rescinded Religious Restrictions in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Tisha Silva

Dress Code and Religious Accommodations Through the Lense of EEOC v. Kroger

Cesar Hernandez Villanueva

Cash or Credit: The United States Should Remove Nazi Memorabilia From Circulation

William “Bill” Olson

Die Another Day: The Ineffectiveness of Medical Aid in Dying Legislation

Elise Bavazzano

Part 2


Exploring the Bedrock for Earth Jurisprudence

Maria Antonia Tigre

Original Sin: The Use and Abuse of History in Espinoza and Beyond

Isabelle M. Canaan

The Stoic Ethos of Law & Equity: Good Faith, Legal Benefaction, and Judicial Temperament

Robert Walker

“Blessing in Disguise”: A Hopeful Ending to Uncertainty for Religious Institutions Rights Under Covid-19 Acts

Nicholas Rollo

Word is Bond: A History of 21st Century Claims of German Bonds Issued During the Weimar Republic

Atilla Azami

The Future of Roe v. Wade with a Conservative Super Majority Court

Jaclyn Alston

Part 3


12th Annual Donald C. Clark Endowed Law and Religion Lecture: Post-Colonial Iterations of Law and Religion in the Global South

Symposium Transcripts


“The Dominion of Rights, the Resistance of Duties”

Dr. Adnan A. Zulfiqar

Normalized Abnormality: Post-Colonial Iterations of Law and Religion in the Global South

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o



Religious Diversity and A Woman’s Right to Choose: The Religious Right’s Mistakenly Assumed Monopoly on Belief and Religious Support for Abortion

Deborah Machalow

A Study of Evolution and Practices of Asylum and Rights of Refugees in Islamic Traditions and International Law

Dr. Nehaluddin Ahmad



Who Is “Q?” A Glimpse Into Qanon And Social Media’s Use Of Censorship As A Means To Combat Them

Marissa Pembroke

Nuremberg Project


The Hammer Sickle Versus the Swastika: A Survey of Two State Systems of Oppression and Prison Labor

Dawn A. Ericksen

New Developments


From Survivor to Fired: The Ministerial Exception’s Impact on Employment Discrimination Against Victims of Domestic Violence

Jaclyn Alston