Volume 18

Part 1

Fall 2016


“In God We Trust”: The Lack of Atheist Representation on the Bench

Elizabeth C. Kingston

Catholic Social Thought, Social Security Disability, and Inclusion of the Disabled in the American Economy

Ken Matheny


Missing the Mark: Challenging the Court’s Refusal to Recognize the “Mark of the Beast” as a Valid Religious-Based Exemption

Marc R. Conley

New Developments

Banning the Burka: Indicative of a Legitimate Aim or a Thinly-Veiled Attempt to Legislate Religious and Cultural Intolerance

Samuel P. Kovach-Orr

Nuremberg Project

Is it Too Late Now to Say Sorry: German Reparations to Homosexuals

Stephen Oliwa

Part 2

Spring 2017


The Afterlives of Aurangzeb: Jizya, Social Domination and the Meaning of Constitutional Secularism

Dhruv Chand Aggarwal


Early American Public Commitment to Faith and Religious Freedom, Including an Inquiry into Sermons of the Era,as Evidence for a Strong Free Exercise Clause

Steven T. Voigt


New Religious Movements and the Need for Greater Clarity of “Religion” under TItle VII

Kevin Farrell

Separating Church and State against the Culture of a Christian Public

Andrew Jadick

New Developments

Conversion Therapy, its Detrimental Consequences, and its Place in the National Spotlight

Christina Ludwig

Nuremberg Project

The People’s Court of Germany: Is the American Criminal Justice System as Different as We Think?

Kelli-Ann Dreisbach