Volume 14

Part 1

Fall 2012


The Endorsement Test Equal Status

Ross Astoria

Pope Pius XI’s Extraordinary-But Underserved-Praise of the American Supreme Court

David Upham, Ph.D., J.D.

A Catholicpac: Why the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops Should (Probably) Lose its 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

Jesse Ryan Loffler


Religion and the PPACA: An analysis of Non-Secular Line Drawing within the Health Insurance Mandate

Jeffery R. Mullen

Shaimos Burials: Why Religion Should Yield to the State’s Compelling Interest in Environmental Regulation and the Protection of Human Health

Allison N. Zsamba

New Developments

Corporate Personhood and the First Amendment: A Business Perspective on an Eroding Free Exercise Clause

Kyle J. Weber

Human Trafficking and the Church of Scientology: Why the Legislature Should Clarify and Expand the TVPA and the Impact it Would Have on the Church

John S. Yi

Nuremberg Project

Social Review Essay Never Again … What? Law, History, and the Uses of the Holocaust

Michael A. Livingston

Nuremberg Project: Student Note

Jackson, Donovan, and Targeted Killings: A Limited Defense

Trevor H. Taniguchi

Part 2

Spring 2013


Sects, Cults, and the Attack on Jurisprudence

Stephen A. Kent & Robin D. Willey

Tinkering with the Legal Status Quo on Physician Assisted Suicide: A Minimalist Approach

Kenneth Klothen

The Rentier State and the Survival of Arab Absolute Monarchies

Charlotte M. Levins

So What if Jesus Loves Nukes?: The Constitutionality of Just War Theory Taught to the Air Force Missile Launch Officers

Jacqueline Zoller

Symposium 2013 Religious Practice: Counseling and Representing Faith-Based Organizations


Matan Shmuel

Testimony: The Sharing of a Candidate’s Faith Journey is not Impermissible Campaign Activity

Donald C. Clark, Jr.

The Intersection of Law and Religion: Avoiding Collisions

Jeffrey Hunter Moon

Religious Liberty Advocacy: The Essential Role of Religious Organizations in the Courts

K. Hollyn Hollman

New Developments

Boko Haram: A Texbook Case for Designation as a Terrorist Organization and its Terroristic Threat to International Religious Freedom

April Nees

Rhode Island’s Attempt to Legislate Around the Establishment Clause

Maureen Ingersoll


Nazi Looted Art and Cocaine: When Museum Directors Take it, Call the Cops

Raymond J. Dowd

The Shadow Spreads: Impact of S.B. 1070 and Trends in Modern Immigration Law

Melissa Hogan

National Religious Moot Court Brief

Sebelius V. Westminister Social Services: Brief for Respondent

Greg Skidmore & Bethany Rupert