Volume 7


Volume 7

Part 1 FALL 2005


Roe v. Wade: A Scandal Upon The Court

Philip A. Rafferty

From Pipette To Cradle, From Immortality To Extinction

Cyrene Grothaus-Day

CANAANITES, CATHOLICS AND THE CONSTITUTION: Developing Church Doctrine, Secular Law and Women Priests

Terrance R. Kelly
The Religious Liberty Argument For Same-Sex Marriage And Its Effect Upon Legal Recognition Jeremiah H. Russell
Glassroth v. Moore: Precedent for the Sterilization of American Legal History Joseph M. Hickson III


Part 2 SPRING 2006


Women Who Defy Social Norms: Female Refugees Who Flee Islamic States and Their Fight to Fit into American Immigration Law

Olivia F. Cleaver

Political Liberalism and Inclusion of Religion

Mehmet Fevzi Bilgin
Terrorists & Muslims: The Construction, Performance, and Regulation of Muslim Identities in the Post 9/11 United States Cyra Akila Choudhury
Selman v. Cobb County School District: The Evolution of Establishment Clause Jurisprudence Matthew Cutchen
The Rules of the Game: "Play in the Joints" Between the Religion Clauses Sharon Keller