Volume 16

Volume 16

Part 1 Fall 2014


Shaping Their Better Character: Religion in African American Politics in the Age of Obama 

Phlip C. Aka

Regulating Theft - Lessons From Biblical Law

Moshe Bar Niv (Burnovski)




Do People Have Ownership Over Their Body Parts and if so, Can the State Control Their Ultimate Disposition in the Interest of Public Health and Safety?

David A. Mapow, M.D.

Marrying Polygamy into Title VII

Hope Marie Deutsch

New Developments

Social Distancing in New York Schools

Jessica L. Lentini

But-For the Beard: An Analysis of Causation Under United States Code Section 249

Aaron J. Creuz

Nuremberg Project: Student Note

Do as We Say, Not as We Do: The Changing Role of America as Torture Prosecutor to Torture Perpetrator

Jessica O'Connor
Part 2 Spring 2015


Introduction - People of the Book: Judaism's Influence on American Legal Scholarship 

Roberta Rosenthal Kwall
Civil Liberties and the "Imaginative Sustenance" of Jewish Culture 


Susan A. Bandes

The Making of a Libertarian, Contrarian, Nonobservant, but Self-Identified Jew

Randy E. Barnett

Decoding "Never Again"

Sherry F. Colb

Judaism, Pluralism, and Constitutional Glare

Perry Dane

Never Forget? Jewish Identity, History, Memory, Slavery and the Constitution

Ariela J. Gross

The Piety of My Negative Judaism

Andrew Koppelman

Reinvention with Authenticity: A New Journey on a Familiar Road

Roberta Rosenthal Kwall

The (Possible) Impact of Judaism and Israel on One Particular Career as a Legal Academic 

Sanford Levinson

People of the Book: Judaism's Influence on American Legal Scholarship: My Journey from Judaism to Jewish Law

Donna Litman

Jewish Identity's Impact in a Nutshell

Steven Resnicoff

Against Solitary Confinement: Jonah's Redemption and Our Need for Mercy

Margo Schlanger

Antisemitism and Hate Speech Studies

Alexander Tsesis


RLUIPA: How Equality and Fairness in Land Use Regulations Do Not Always Coexist 

Robert Banas

On the Issuance of Islamic Securities by State and Local Governments; Or, Why New Jersey Should Sell the Turnpike to the Emir of Dubai

Kareem R. Seifeldin

New Developments

Do Actions Speak Louder than Words?: An Analysis of Conversion Therapy as Protected Speech Versus Unprotected Conduct 

Brielle N. Kovalchek

Nuremberg Project

For the Sake of Restitution: An Analysis of Cornelius Gurlitt's Will, Its Court Challenge, and Why Public Policy Should Drive the Court's Decision

Ryan MacDonald
Part 3 Summer 2015


Forward: On Religious Constitutionalism

Perry Dane

An Essay On Constitutionalism: Building in the Divine Style, for the Common Good(s)

Patrick McKinley Brennan

A Jewish Constitution

Steven F. Friedell

Islamic Constitutionalism: Not Secular. Not Theocratic. Not Impossible.

Asifa Quraishi-Landes


Outing Anti-Gay Teaching in Schools: How the Constitutional Success of Conversion Therapy Bans Provide Viable Arguments to Defend Bans on Heteronormative Education

Ryann M. Aaron

New Developments

Watch Out: You're Being Watched (If You're Muslim)

Aimee Blenner

Nuremberg Project

Not Taking Nein for an Answer: An Analysis of Greece's Call for Payments of Reparations and War Debts From Germany

Dominic Giova