Volume 15

Volume 15

Part 1 Fall 2013


Students' Religions Liberty: Religious Attire and Symbols in American Public Schools 

Farida Ali

Religious Claims v. Non-Discrimiation Rights: Another Plea for Difficulty

Megan Pearson

For the Kids: How Congress Stripped Porn Producers of Their Fourth Amendment Rights

Hillary N. Ladov


Forgotton Voters: The Constitutionality of Indiana's Votor ID Law and its Effect on Amish Voters

Erin Ann Szulewski

Religious Accommodations in the Workplace: An Analysis of Atheistic Accommodations in the Workplace pertaining to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Jeremy J. Zacharias

New Developments

Shave that Man's Beard, That is an Order: Why United States Army Serivce Members Can Be Forcibly Shaved

Michael A. Alberico

Will the Legislature Please Bow Their Heads? How Town of Greece v. Galloway Can Reset Legislative Prayer Jurisprudence... and Why it is Necessary

Sean Rose

Nuremberg Project: Student Note

Accusations of Unethical Treatment of Humans by the EPA Results in Unpleasant Implications

Mary Chew