Volume 13


Volume 13

Part 1 Fall 2011


Render Less Unto Caesar?: Denying Communion to Catholic Judges

Dermot Lynch

A Higher Law: Abraham Lincoln's Use of Biblical Imagery

Wilson Huhn


A Life for an Afterlife: Assessing the Potential Redemption of Capital Inmates’ Requests to Posthumously Donate Organs Under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act

Jessica Miller

Seeking Religious Validity for Body Piercings and Tattoos: How the Church of Body Modification Should Gain Recognition as a Religion in the Modern Era

Danielle Gold

New Developments

"Pray Away the Gay?" An Analysis of the Legality of Conversion Therapy by Homophobic Religious Organizations

Jonathan  Sacks

Nuremberg Project

Social Darwinism in Nazi Family and Inheritance Law

Ellis Washington, J.D.


Part 2 Spring 2012


Jewish Law and the Tragedy of Sexual Abuse of Children - The Dilemma within the Orthodox Jewish Community

Steven H. Resnicoff

Religious Free Speech and Somebody Else's Civil Rights: Reviewing An Old Conflict in Light of California's Proposition 8 Robert D. Crockett

The Accomodation of the Shari'a Within Western Legal Systems

Nicholas Aroney & Rex Ahdar


 Who is a Jew? An Analytical Examination of the Supreme Court of The United Kingdom's JFS Case: Why the Matrilineal Test for Jewish Identity is Not in Violation of the Race Relations Act of 1976

Jason Ordene

Streets of Fire: Shiv Sena and Film Censorship in Contemporary India

Ross A. Carbone

New Developments

What's Wrong with my Nativity Scene?: Religiously Discriminatory Restrictive Covenants in New York

Amanda Hopkins

Digeronimo v. Fuchs; Judge Dismisses Malpractice Suit Complaining About Life

Logan Pettigrew

National Religious Freedom Moot Court Competition

In partnership with the National Religious Freedom Moot Court Board at George Washington University Law School, we are pleased to announce the 2011 competition's "Best Brief" winners, James Harlow and Leigh Llewelyn of Duke University School of Law. You may review the problem on which the brief is based at: http://www.religionmootcourt.org/ 

This brief does not, in any way, reflect the personal views of the authors.  It was written in response to a problem in preparation for a moot court competition. 

Winning Brief, (Broadway Licensing Corp. v. Counterpoint Repertory Troupe) 

James Harlow & Leigh Llewelyn