Volume 17

Part 1 Fall 2015


Over There, Over There: The Extraterritorial Application of Domestic Establishment Clause Jurisprudence in Former Warzones  

Jessica Gallinaro

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth: Artistic Freedom, Cultural Heritage and Islamic Extremism

Eleni Polymenopoulou




Saved By the Bells: A Look At Campanological Rights of U.S. Churches 

Brett J. Haroldson

Copyrighting God: New Copyright Guidelines Do Not Protect Divine Beings 

Jarrod Welsh

New Developments

Sovereign Citizens: A Cult Movement That Demands Legislative Resistance 

Michael N. Colacci

Michigan's State-Sponsored Discrimination of Same Sex Couples 

Kiera McGroarty

Nuremberg Project

The Eradication of Nazi Ideology and Terminology from the Current German Penal Code 

Roy H. Gordon
Part 2 Spring 2016


Electric Company, Water Works and the Income Tax: "The Cost of Utilities" Component of the I.R.C. § 107 Parsonage Income Exclusion

Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq.

Megillath Esther and the Rule of Law: Disobedience and Obligation 

Craig A. Stern




Yes, You Will Attend: How Employees Can Be Required to Attend Religious Events and Why They Should Be

Caitlin Costello Faye

The Lanham Act's Unconstitutional Hodgepodge

Carl J. Minniti III

New Developments

Do Not Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor: How the American Safe Act Stifles a National Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis 

Peter R. Van Brunt

Nuremberg Project

The Ad on the S Train: An Analysis of Corporate Free Speech in Advertisement 

Sean Havern
Part 3 Summer 2016


Rutgers College and the Reformed Dutch Church, 1766-1920

John W. Coakley

Queen's College — Child of the Awakening in Colonial New Jersey 

Thomas J. Frusciano

The Identity of the Public University

B. Jessie Hill


Living on a Prayer: Faith Healers Escaping Criminal Liability for Child Abuse Through Religious Affirmative Defenses & Exemption Laws

Annamaria Del Buono

DNA: The Emergence of Who We Are and the Reemergence of Religious Commentary and Opposition to Genetic Patents

 Jeffrey Sjögren

New Developments

Does the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Authorize Damages for Personal Capacity Claims?

Arthur W. Henkel

Nuremberg Project

The Second Attempt at a Third Successful Ban of an Established German Political Party

Roy H. Gordon